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Plug home electronics, such as TVs and DVD players, into power strips; turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use (TVs and DVDs in standby mode still use several watts of power).

TCED Current Projects & Updates

Thank A Lineman!

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National Lineman Appreciation Day (April 18th, 2018) is a time to express our utmost appreciation to the GREAT men and women that work so hard for us every day. It's our honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of Electrical Lineworkers. #thankalineman

Expanded Customer Payment Options

The Tell City Electric Department has finalized plans to expand customer payment options. Customers now can enjoy the convenience of debit/credit card usage when paying their electric bill in office, online, or via mobile app. We have contracted with PayGOV.US to provide this service. PayGOV.US ( is the preferred payment vendor for Indiana municipalities. This expansion marks the latest step towards greater resident convenience. The mobile app can be downloaded at no cost from either the PlayStore or Itunes, searching for "PayGOV Mobile".

Payment can be provided at or calling toll free 1-866-480-8552. There will be a convenience fee for processing payments as follows: in office 3%; internet 3%; mobile app 3% and phone 4.95%. These fees are collected by a third party vendor at no cost to local government.

Beware of Scam Callers!!

TCED has become aware of fraudulent scam calls claiming to be TCED employees, contacting customers. Please be on the lookout for callers pretending to be TCED utility company employees demanding immediate payment, often by prepaid debit cards, credit cards, or gift cards.

If you have ANY questions about the status of your bill, or if you receive one of these fraudulent calls, please hang up and contact Tell City Electric Department directly at 812-547-3411. More useful info can be found here... CONSUMER ALERT: UTILITIES CALL SCAM

Posting Signs on Utility Poles

Utility poles covered with signs and notices for yard sales, political candidates, lost animals, and other events present serious hazards for utility workers.

Nails, staples, tacks, and screws used to post signs can cause serious injury to lineworkers who climb the wooden utility power poles, to provide electric service to our homes and businesses. These items left in power poles are especially hazardous when the poles are climbed during bad weather to restore power during storms and at night.

When the signs fall off or are removed, the fasteners often remain in the pole, causing lineworkers to get cut or injured. Nails and staples can obstruct climbing gear, which can cause workers to slip or fall as they climb. Even the tiniest puncture in lineworkers' rubber gloves can expose them to severe shock from power lines.

When advertising for a lost pet, political candidate, garage sale or other event, please do not post signs on utility poles.

Planting Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Utility infrastructure may not be the best feature in yards, but it is necessary to deliver safe and reliable electricity. During Summer, many customers plant trees, shrubs and flowers to hide pad-mounted transformers and other utility infrastructure. This can affect the utilities ability to maintain, troubleshoot and turn off power quickly during emergencies, such as a house fire.

Here are some rules about planting around TCED equipment:

  • Don't plant anything within 8 feet of a transformer's front door. Linemen use 8-foot long "hot sticks" to energize and de-energize underground lines from those boxes.
  • Don't plant anything within 3 feet of a transformer's sides.
  • Keep the area in front of the electric meter clear so it can be easilly accessed for reading, testing and troubleshooting.
  • Don't plant trees under power lines.

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The Tell City Electric Department Board of Directors meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:00pm (unless the meeting date is changed). The meeting is held at the Commercial Office at 601 Main Street. The Public is welcome to attend. A meeting "Agenda" is available by calling the office at 812-547-3411